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Well if you are obsessed with weather how exciting do you think this "about us"section will be.

My name is Stephen Cole (but that is just a cover as I am the exiled King Jasper the 3rd of the planet Zog. Don't tell anyone.) I came to Earth in 1949 in a place called Coventry, England, however it was closed and having recently visited the place, it should have stayed that way.

Ok I am talking rubbish My life is the usual story, married, divorced with 2 kids who have now grown up and still ask for money. I live here in Pago del Humo, just outside Chiclana 7kms from the sea, soaking up sun and booze in equal amounts. I like it here and intend to stay until I die ( my nieghbour has said can I delay that last part until I have paid my share of the road surfacing)

The last 15 years of my life has had me involved in computers and I was developing web sites way back in 1995. I made a good deal of money that I spent on wicked women, fine wine, the best food and gambling, the rest of the money I made was wasted.

When I moved here it was a bit of a nightmare I picked a builder/estate agent who was incompetent and a complete s*** however all is well now but I have added adverts from those who helped me get my home right.

Vets in Banbury and Chipping Norton Oxfordshire

I had a fantastic experience with a dog when last back in Banbury. This is more about them

Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital is a truly mixed practice, treating an unusually wide range of animals. The Hospital staff have extensive experience in treating dogs, cats, all species of smaller domestic animal, all farm species, camelids, horses, pheasants and other game birds and a wide range of exotic species including reptiles, parrots, birds of prey and zoo animals.

Our staff have clinical experience in all areas of veterinary practice and have special interests in internal medicine, critical care, orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry and radiography and ultrasound imaging for all domestic species.

Our main hospital is in Chipping Norton and we have branch surgeries in Bloxham and Burford.

Banbury, Chipping Norton Vets and veterinary hospital link

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